Maui Property Services
                      Tree Pruning for Improved Ocean View, Power Lines Safety, etc.
                     Property Renovation, Trees Pruned and Removed, Brush Clearing  

Ocean View Improved for Home Sale  
PICTURES: Before & After
Maui Meadows home on Kupulau

Before and After Pictures

  Property Renovation-2 years neglect
Ocean View Improvement
Large Tree Removal
34 Foot Pole Saw



August 2015 - Home in Maui Meadows:
Their home of 22 years needed to be sold. Their ocean view was blocked by trees to a large extent.

Careful pruning needed to be coordinated with the neighboring property owner.

Gradual pruning took place in a timely manner to work with the neighbor.

The view emerged from the pruned trees. 

 Everyone is happy.


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